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268 // Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Episode Seven - Nostalgia, Cults, and Philosophy

Episode Summary

In this episode, we really do our best to just manically jump from topic to topic, (*surprise, surprise!) ranging from things like Salt Lamps, Video Production, and a bit of Nostalgia; namely the newly released Playstation 4 remasters of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2. We go on to get a bit deeper talking about what causes stress, anxiety, and depression and tricks to help train your mind to push them away. We then move on to self-help books and methodologies in general and touch on cults such as Heaven's Gate and NXIVM with its new documentary on HBO. This somehow ends up flowing ever so naturally into a story about a long lost band from Gene's youth and his search to find another copy only to find a very sad ending. And as always we end up talking a lot about Religions and Beliefs, which brings us to a discussion on the fascinating origins of Scientology and it's origins with "Dianetics" as we know it, as well as the highly prolific and vast bibliography of L. Ron Hubbard who could quite literally write an entire sci-fi novel IN ONE DAY. WHO CAN DO THAT!?