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267 // Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Episode Six - Cancel Culture

Episode Summary

In this LENGTHY episode, we are joined once again by our good friend Colin for a discussion on Video Games, Politics, Cancel Culture, and more. We enter our discussion after a recording mishap where we lost the first 30 minutes of our conversation. It’s actually kinda funny, Derek’s dog somehow unplugged our mixer by getting tangled in the cord. We jumped right back in and continued the conversation about video games after the power down, namely Mortal Kombat, and the moment in a parent’s life when their 12-year-old can beat them at a game you’ve been playing your entire life. We talked about the recent situation with the Cincinnati Reds sportscaster Tom Breneman and him being caught on a “hot mic” using highly insensitive slurs and then making an on-air apology. During the apology, he almost sadly and comically breaks from his apology to continue commenting on the live game without skipping a beat and then back to the apology. We discuss our current state on Cancel Culture and ask the question... should people be canceled immediately without fair analysis at any given time? There seems to be a broad range of OBVIOUS cases where it’s so apparent while at the same time, certain situations may be rushed without all facts involved. We chat about celebrities that become famous basically for either unexplainable reasons unseen or by self-releasing what is said to the public is a “leaked” sex tape when in fact, there is an entire underground market for these things. We talked a lot of politics ranging from the recent Qanon conspiracy theory, Donald Trump, and evening the much darker side of secret societies such as the infamous Bohemian Grove. In between all other topics, we also discuss a lot of religious topics from the universal God, to shady preachers and mega-churches and even Kanye West's recent turn to gospel music and is it authentic, or is it for the money? It’s a long one... get ready and get heady!

Episode Notes

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