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265 B-Side // Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Episode Four - BONUS - Higher Talk

Episode Summary

This conversation actually took place BEFORE the beginning of our latest Episode 4 - Unbiased and Social Media, while we were getting set up, and letting it all set IN. We chat a little bit about how different Indica and Sativa strains of marijuana cause such dramatically different highs, pro sports, and athletes that play professionally in more that one sport such as when Michael Jordan played "pro baseball" after his basketball career. We also ask the "hard questions," such as, is golf a GAME or a SPORT... or BOTH, Derek's new psychedelic tattoo, white sand and where you can find it, the weird psychology behind podcasting in a traditional sense, behind a computer and desk with full-on headphones vs. sitting out on a back porch, no headphones, and trying to feel more conversational. Blake has the most brilliant business idea gets hatched for "Same Vision," with the goal of giving you the same vision when you leave as when you come in. Yeah, again, this is kinda ridiculous talk, but maybe it's at least amusing... then our buddy Colin shows up.