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264 // Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Episode Three - Consciousness, Anxiety, and The Simulation Theory

Episode Summary

The SIMULATION will not be televised. In this episode, we start with a chat about one of our collective favorite television series, “Hannibal” with Mads Mikkelson and how he played the undisputed (to us) Hannibal Lecter, Which somehow lead to us touching on the disappearance and murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. We then take a deeper dive into the large scale thoughts of excessive use in the world of not only CCTV but also new government facial recognition that can scan photos and use algorithms to pinpoint and find people in a crowded photo and match each and every person throughout all social media and the internet. This leads to a much larger and more mind-bending discussion on how Hollywood and the “industry” may be using television shows and films to normalize certain things in our daily lives by psychic leading and planting ideas early to condition us. As both of us have struggled with depression and anxiety in our lives, and both suffered from massive anxiety/panic attacks, we begin linking the feeling of being “in the moment” and being “fully present” during the feeling of panic or attack to the feelings of things like deep meditation, hyping jerks when almost asleep while mid awake / dream, paranoia during a marijuana high or psilocybin, DMT, or LSD psychedelic trip, and pulling together the similarities between the two as that could have pretty massive benefits if you could learn to harness it and live in the moment at all times. We get even deeper on the “Simulation Hypothesis” which is the idea that our physical reality is far from being a solid physical universe and is part of an increasingly sophisticated video game-like simulation where we all have multiple lives consisting of pixels with its own internal clock run by some giant Artificial Intelligence. Simulation Theory explains some of the biggest mysteries of quantum and relativistic physics, such as quantum indeterminacy, parallel universes, and the integral nature of the speed of light. This leads to more on the ideas of the multiverse theory, parallel lives we are living and when they glitch or converge as well as a little touch on quantum physics.