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263 // Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Episode Two - Nihilism

Episode Summary

In episode number two of Further Down the Rabbit Hole, we come right out of the gates with a light-hearted discussion on Nihilism and the fantastic philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. We discuss nihilistic skepticism, morality, philosophy, and spirituality in regards to our never-ending search for finding better and more whole versions of ourselves. We talk a bit about both being raised as Christians and the impact growing up within the church had on our spiritual developments we have both made through years while searching and studying various religions from Islam, Buddhism, Satanism, and any organized religion that exists in the world. We discuss the current administration in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, namely Donald Trump and his recent WH comments on how people should believe him over Dr. Fauci and science. We touch heavily on wearing a mask in public as a simple sign of respect as well as its ability to help stop the spread, even if only a little, as it has unfortunately become a very divisive political statement to wear or not to wear. Our takeaway is... WEAR A MASK. We also get into the President’s push to get kids back in school with all of the social distancing guidelines in place and how abstract and dangerous that thought actually is. We venture down the thoughts of exorcisms in the Catholic Church, are they a real thing as we see them in films, or are they something entirely different? We take a memory stroll down the red light district in Amsterdam and discuss our thoughts on their cultural differences from the legalization of marijuana, psychedelics, and yes, obviously, prostitution. This brings us full circle back to a conversation on America and its views on drugs within our culture and we ask the big question of WHY marijuana, or “The Devil’s Lettuce,” if you will, is not legalized nationwide when it could give not only a massive boost to the economy via the tax money collected alone, but more so how it could literally help millions of people across the country with pain management, anxiety, depression, and many other disorders it’s been scientifically proven to help. Why is our country so divided and split down the middle solely off of the political party you choose to affiliate with instead of coming together using common sense and compassion. Let’s go further down the rabbit hole...